Hand Car Wash vs. Touchless Car Wash

2021 Lexus ES

It doesn’t matter if you drive a new Lexus or a classic Chevy Nova; Haldeman Lexus of Princeton knows you want your vehicle to last a long time on Lawrenceville roads. Choosing between a hand car wash vs. a touchless car wash isn’t easy because both car wash methods have pros and cons. Compare the benefits of a hand wash car wash and a hands-free car wash here with this guide from Haldeman Lexus of Princeton and when you ready for auto service, contact us

Hand Wash Car Wash: Pros and Cons

Even though a hand car wash around Princeton, NJ requires more time and may take up an entire afternoon to complete, it’s always satisfying when you see it gleaming in the sunshine. These are the pros and cons of a hand car wash:

Hand Car Wash Pros

  • Less Expensive: A key benefit of a hand wash car wash is that it saves you money. The parts center at Haldeman Lexus of Princeton is happy to recommend the right car care cleaning products that won’t damage your paint, or feel free to contact our service department to schedule detailing if you don’t feel like doing it yourself.
  • Comprehensive Cleaning: Choosing a hand wash car wash requires more time and effort, but it allows you to reach some places on your Lexus that a touchless car wash can’t, such as the undercarriage or grooves in your front grill. You also have the option to spend more time on those areas that need a little extra attention and might be caked with bug debris.

Hand Car Wash Cons

  • Professional Hand Wash Car Wash: Of course, you always have the option of paying someone around %5target_city_2%% to handwash your car, but it will cost more than a touchless car wash because you’re paying for both products and labor.
  • Potential Damage to Car Paint: Unfortunately, there is always a little possibility of damage to your car with a hand wash if you don’t thoroughly rinse your Lexus to remove loose debris before starting to scrub. You could rub loose dirt and debris into the paint and possibly scratch the finish if you don’t.

Touchless Car Wash: Pros and Cons

Whether you want to save time or money, a touchless car wash around Yardley, PA is always an option. These are the pros and cons of a touchless car wash.

Hands-Free Car Wash Cons

  • Not as Thorough of a Cleaning: The main disadvantage of a touchless car wash is that it sometimes misses spots, and it’s challenging to remove stuck-on debris.
  • Water Spots: If you don’t hand-drying your Lexus, it will probably have a few water spots.

Hands-Free Car Wash Pros

  • Save Time: The most significant benefit of doing a hands-free car wash is, of course, time savings. It usually takes less than ten minutes.
  • Less Risk of Scratches: Hands-free car washes are typically more gentle on car finishes and reduce the risk of scratches.
  • Lower Cost: Touchless car washes are less expensive than hand wash car washes when you consider the cost of purchasing cleaning products or paying someone else to clean your vehicle.

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