Lineup of Lexus AWD Models

Lexus GS

Lexus All-Wheel Drive

The iconic Lexus performance showcases the smooth handling and robust power that Princeton, NJ love, but when dealing with those harsh Hamilton, NJ winters, Lexus all-wheel drive will elevate that performance to the next level. Which Lexus AWD models are right for you? From luxury Lexus AWD sedans to upscale SUVs, let’s sort through your options to find just the right Lexus AWD ride for your everyday needs in Yardley, PA.

Benefits of Lexus All-Wheel Drive

Lexus AWD technology adapts instantly to the conditions of the road. The exclusive Lexus AWD system sends power to two wheels under normal circumstances but reroutes power to all four wheels when needed to boost traction on icy roads or muddy trails. Additionally, Lexus AWD adds Cornering Control to prevent oversteering and understeering. The result is a more stable ride that stays under your control, even in less-than-ideal road conditions and weather forecasts.

Lexus AWD Sedan and Coupe Selection

Lexus IS – Compact Sedan

  • IS 300 AWD
  • IS 350 AWD
  • IS 300 F Sport AWD
  • IS 350 F Sport AWD

Lexus GS – Midsize Sedan

  • GS 350 AWD
  • GS 350 F Sport AWD

Lexus LS – Full-size Sedan

  • LS 500 AWD
  • LS 500h AWD
  • LS 500 F Sport AWD

Lexus RC – Coupe

  • RC 300 AWD
  • RC 350 AWD
  • RC 300 F Sport AWD
  • RC 350 F Sport AWD

SUVs with Lexus AWD

Lexus UX – Small Crossover SUV

  • UX 250h AWD
  • UX 250h LUXURY AWD
  • UX 250h F Sport AWD

Lexus NX – Compact Crossover SUV

  • NX 300 AWD
  • NX 300 F Sport AWD
  • NX 300h AWD

Lexus RX – Midsize Crossover SUV

  • RX 350 AWD
  • RX 350L AWD
  • RX F Sport AWD
  • RX 450h AWD
  • RX 450hL AWD
  • RX 450h F Sport AWD

Test Drive a Lexus AWD Model Today

Ready to explore the Lexus AWD models in person? Contact Haldeman Lexus of Princeton to set up your test drive and learn all about the benefits of Lexus AWD sedan in person. You can even compare vehicles from home or build your own Lexus AWD sedan with us.