Garage Door


RECOMMENDED STEP: (if any of the buttons are already programmed to work other units/devices, skip this step because it clears the memory of all 3 buttons inside your Lexus)

Phase 1: Be sure people and property, including yourself and your vehicle are NOT in the travel path of the garage door and that nothing will be struck when the door attempts to close or open.

  1. Hold the transmitter 1-3 inches away from the HomeLink buttons in your Lexus (do not block your view of the HomeLink indicator light)
  2. Simultaneously press the transmitter button and the HomeLink button you wish to program ( you may need two hands). Hold both buttons pressed until the indicator light changes from a slow flash to a rapid flash.
  3. Rapid flashing indicates successful programming—Release both buttons ( HomeLink and transmitter)
  4. Press and hold the newly programmed HomeLink button
    • If the indicator light is solid (not flashing) your garage door should now activate and you are complete. There is no need for Phase 2. If the indicator light flashes for 2 seconds before turning solid ( not flashing) your garage door opener uses rolling code technology and you must complete Phase 2 of these instructions.

Phase 2: Only perform the following steps after successfully completing Phase 1.
A second person may be required to complete phase 2 to make it quicker and easier.

  1. Locate the ‘Learn’ Button on the motor-head unit of your garage door opener. This can be normally located on the back side, near the hanging antenna wire.
  2. Fully press and quickly release the ‘Learn’ Button. Do not hold done for more than 1 second, this will erase all transmitters, keypads, and other stored codes.
  3. Within 30 seconds of completing the previous step, push the desired HomeLink button inside your Lexus 3-4 times in 1 second intervals.

Your garage door should now be synced with your HomeLink system in your Lexus!