How to Program a Lexus Garage Door Opener

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New and used Lexus vehicles offer the HomeLink® universal transceiver for operating garage doors, gates, and even home lighting and home security systems with the push of a button. Programming the Homelink® buttons in your Lexus is easy. Follow these step-by-step instructions from Haldeman Lexus of Princeton near Princeton, NJ to learn how to program garage door openers with ease.

Steps to Program Your Garage Door Opener

Before proceeding, make sure your vehicle is parked either inside your garage or close to your garage for effectively programming the Homelink® system. You must also have a normal garage door remote in order to complete the process, so have that handy as well.

  1. In the front seat of your car, locate the three Homelink® buttons–they are usually on the rearview mirror, or near the overhead console.
  2. Press and hold button #1 and button #3 simultaneously, until the small Homelink® indicator light above the buttons turns green and begins to flash. Release both buttons.
  3. Take your normal garage door remote and hold it close to theHomelink® buttons.
  4. Press and hold the garage door remote button and Homelink® button #1 simultaneously until the light turns green and begins to flash. Release both buttons.
  5. Go to the garage door control box in the garage and locate the “Learn Button” on the side of the box. It can look different on various control boxes, but often it is a red or black square button.
  6. Press the Learn Button once, at which point you will have 30 seconds to get back into your car and press Homelink® button #1.
  7. If the garage door opens or closes, you have programmed the Homelink® button successfully.
  8. Repeat this process if you have any other garage doors or gates that you want to program to your vehicle.

If you are having trouble with any of these steps to program a garage door opener, feel free to bring your vehicle into your Hamilton, NJ-area Lexus service center and we can give you a demonstration. Our technicians are more than happy to be of assistance.
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